7 strange facts about document shredding

//7 strange facts about document shredding

7 strange facts about document shredding


67593554 - pieces of paper as background closeupIn a world where identity theft is commonplace, shredding documents should stay top priority for every business. No matter what the kind of paperwork, keeping confidential information secure is essential. Document shredding may not top the list of the most exciting topics of discussion, but the history behind sure is quite fascinating.

  1. The first paper shredding machine appeared in the early 1900s, created by Augusts Lowe, but was forgotten because he died before he could produce more than his first prototype.
  2. The second paper shredding machine was invented by German engineer Adolf Ehinger to quickly shred thousands of pieces of anti-Nazi propaganda as Hitler came to power.
  3. Is wasn’t until Richard Nixon’s presidency when shredding was used as part of the attempted cover-up of the Watergate scandal that shredding came on to the national radar.
  4. Iranian revolutionaries changed the business in 1979 when they seized piles of strip-shredded documents from the American embassy in Iran, then pieced together the strips, uncovering secret intelligence information.
  5. Trash became public property, according to a 1988 Supreme Court ruling stating that once you put your trash on the curb, anyone has the right to go through it.
  6. In the next year, there is a one in 33 percent chance your identity will be stolen – topping the list to reduce the risk? Shredding.

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