Proper disposal of medical waste

//Proper disposal of medical waste

Proper disposal of medical waste

42189919_S Did you know: about 15 percent of the waste generated by healthcare facilities is infectious, according to the World Health Organization. This makes proper disposal of such waste one of the most important responsibilities for healthcare providers. To make sure your facility is following the proper guidelines required by the Department of Natural Resources, here is a helpful checklist to keep on hand:

Use appropriate containers – Using the correct containers for specific types of medical waste during handling on-site and transport for disposal is crucial, as needles and other sharps can puncture or tear through bags. All of LB Medwaste’s containers are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Train staff on proper waste management – The most common mistakes made during disposal of medical waste happen because staff overlooks the procedures. Staff should place all sharps into puncture-proof containers before disposing of them. All waste should be disposed of in proper containers and separated. Medical waste containers must also be kept sealed, dry and in a secure location before pickup by a qualified disposal contractor.

Provide appropriate documentation – All medical waste must be properly accounted for when it leaves your facility. This means proving manifest, which identifies waste and tracks it as it is transported.

Have LB Medwaste help you – We can help you ensure medical waste is properly disposed. Contact us today.


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