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Confidential Document Waste Containers

LB Medwaste carries the only carts designed specifically for the Document Management industry and features:

  • Meets HIPAA regulations concerning the protection and safeguard of personal healthcare information
  • Security options include a Padlock Hasp
  • Molded-in deflector chute on New Two-Wheel and Caster Carts deters unwanted access
  • Upscale granite colors are striking for any office, banking, and hospital settings
  • Advanced Rotationally Molded™ with superior resin for longer life expectancy
  • Compatible with leading on-site shredding vehicle lifting devices

Other Containers

Confidential Document Office Console

36″ Office Collection Console
Confidential Document Container


With a reinforced lid and sleek wall hugging design this console easily becomes part of an office environment ideally where space is limited and where large collections are needed most. Reinforced lid supports most office equipment

Dimensions: 22.75″ w x 15.75″ d x 36″ h
Maximum load: 60 lbs., 28 kg

Confidential Document Container 96 Gallons

32 Gallon
Confidential Document Container

Lockable, US-DOT Compliant

Confidential Document Containers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Please call 715-842-2048 for information.

Capacity: 32 Gallon/121.13 Liter
Dimensions: 22.50″ w x 19.00″ d x 36.50″ h
Maximum load: 112 lbs., 50.8 kg

Brownstone Graystone Sandstone Blue Gray

96 Gallon
Confidential Document Container

Lockable, US-DOT Compliant

Capacity: 96 Gallon/363.39 Liter
Dimensions: 35.25″ w x 29.75″ d x 43.25″ h
Maximum load: 335 lbs., 152.0 kg

Lid Options:

Economy-Lock LID-BLACK-copy(9) LID-BLUE-copy(3)



Paper Slot

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Confidential Document Destruction Solutions

Call LB Medwaste for cost effective Confidential Document Shredding and Disposal Services today! 888-526-3392 or click to fill out our online quote form.
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Flexible Pick-up Schedules

Unlike national disposal companies that set up and charge for a pick up schedule whether you need it or not, LB Medwaste will work with you to arrange a schedule to match your business needs.

Online OSHA Training

Online OSHA Training

Online training is the most convenient way to take OSHA-accepted training. Enroll online, complete the training at your own pace, and receive your certificates and cards online or in the mail.

Custom Sized Containers

Custom Sized Containers

LB Medwaste carries a full line of reusable and disposable containers for medical waste, disposable sharps, dental amalgam, and confidential documents. Find the right match for your container needs.