Zapping the bad bugs

//Zapping the bad bugs

Zapping the bad bugs


Micro-organisms are everywhere. They spread infection and disease which is why sterilization in hospitals is so important to protect patients. Sterilization is key to spreading germs and preventing contamination from dangerous microbes. There are many different ways to sterilize equipment, and LB Medwaste can assist.

Dry Heat Sterilization: During this method, instruments are placed inside an oven and temperature raised to 330 degrees Fahrenheit to 360 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Dry heat is effective for heavy tools and there no risk of corrosion.

Steam Sterilization: Also known as autoclaving, steam uses pressure-temperature relation and is considered the most effective method to kill bacteria and germs. The ideal temperature for steam sterilization is 271 degrees Fahrenheit. Corrosion and rust can occur; however, the high temperature kills bacteria and viruses.

Radiation Sterilization: Here, high energy rays are used to kill germs and bacteria. This method can sterilize plastic items and there are no risks for rust corrosion.

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